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A cornucopia of open source UIs built with ChatGPT API.

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Update: I have moved most of the contents to my personal website (raw data) to keep this page lightweight.

A cornucopia of open source UIs built with ChatGPT API, featuring terminal, web/desktop/smartwatch apps, extensions, editor plugins, chat app bots, AR/VR apps, and more.

Chat UIs

Note: These projects have been arranged according to their Github stars, as this provides a useful approximation of their adoption and popularity. However, this may not always be an accurate representation of their quality.

Web Apps
Browser Extensions
Desktop Apps
Mobile Apps
Chat App Bots
curl "" \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_OPENAI_KEY" \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -d "{
     \"model\": \"gpt-3.5-turbo\",
     \"messages\": [{\"role\": \"user\", \"content\": \"YOUR PROMPT\"}]


Please file a GitHub issue with the following information:

  • Required
    • A link to the repository
    • Both the and UI must be in English, or have a localized version in English
    • No illegal or unethical projects like freegpt* please
  • Optional (if the following contents are not provided, I will do my best to complete them manually)
    • A screenshot or a demo video on the repo to quickly preview the UI
    • Primary language and framework
    • Hosting method or provider (e.g. Docker)
    • Integration (e.g. Eleven Labs)
    • Differentiating features (e.g. split screen)
    • License


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Unsorted and work-in-progress content.

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