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A curated list of awesome curated lists of many topics.

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Awesome Awesome

A curated list of awesome curated lists of many topics.


Computer management

  • awesome-awesomewm - A curated list of awesome tools/scripts/configs for Awesome Window Manager.
  • awesome-scalability - An up-to-date and curated reading list for designing high scalability, high availability, high stabilityback-end systems.
  • awesome-shell - Command-line frameworks, toolkits, guides and gizmos.
  • awesome-sysadmin - Backups, configuration management, DNS, IMAP/POP3, LDAP, monitoring, SSH, statistics, troubleshooting, virtualization, VPN and more.
  • awesome-selfhosted - Applications that can be hosted on your own servers

Data processing

  • awesome-storage - A curated list of storage open source tools. Backups, redundancy, sharing, distribution, encryption, etc.
  • awesome-bigdata - Big data frameworks, resources and other awesomeness.
  • awesome-hadoop - Hadoop ecosystem resources.


  • awesome-atom - A curated list of delightful Atom packages and resources.
  • awesome-emacs - A community driven list of useful Emacs packages, libraries and others.
  • awesome-jetbrains - A collection of awesome fonts and color schemes to be used in Jetbrains IDEs.
  • awesome-vim - Plugins are organized by section and ordered alphabetically.
  • awesome-vscode - A curated list of delightful VS Code packages and resources.

Front-end development

  • awesome-dojo - Dojo JavaScript Toolkit.
  • awesome-jquery - A curated list of jQuery plugins and resources.
  • awesome-react - A collection of awesome things regarding React ecosystem.
  • awesome-rest - Resources about RESTful API architecture, development, test, and performance.
  • awesome-http - A curated list of the best HTTP clients for various languages & libraries.

Programming languages

  • awesome-AutoIt - UDFs, example scripts, tools and useful resources for AutoIt.
  • awesome-clojure - Package management, audio, HTTP, database, websocket and testing.
  • awesome-c - C frameworks, libraries, resources and other cool stuff.
  • awesome-c-sharp - C# frameworks, libraries and software.
  • awesome-cpp - C/C++ frameworks, libraries, and resources.
  • awesome-cmake - CMake scripts, modules, examples and others - for C/C++ software.
  • awesome-cobol - Web frameworks, template engine, forms, authentication & OAuth, database, e-mail, messaging, imagery, text processing, machine learning, testing, audio, video and logging.
  • awesome-common-lisp - Common Lisp frameworks, libraries, resources and other shinies.
  • awesome-d - Build tools, compilers, IDE, GUI, database clients.
  • awesome-dotnet - .NET libraries, tools, frameworks and software.
  • awesome-elixir - Elixir libraries, resources and shiny things.
  • awesome-go - Go frameworks, libraries and software.
  • awesome-java - Build tool, code analysis, database, GUI, IDE, JSON, machine learning, PDF, science, testing and web crawling.
  • awesome-javascript - JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things.
  • awesome-julia - List of Julia resources and packages.
  • awesome-perl - Benchmarks, databases, images, logging, profiling, testing, text processing and web frameworks.
  • awesome-php - Frameworks, templating, URL, e-mail, files, imagery, testing, security, documentation, geolocation, date, PDF, search and authentication.
  • awesome-python - Files, dates, text processing, NLP, imagery, audio, video, geolocation, web frameworks, OAuth, web crawling, networking, GUI, game development, testing, science and data analysis and machine learning.
  • awesome-R - packages, IDEs, learning courses.
  • awesome-ruby - Ruby libraries, tools, frameworks and software
  • awesome-rust - A curated list of Rust code and resources.
  • awesome-scala - Scala frameworks, libraries and software.
  • awesome-swift - Swift documentation, projects, tutorials, updates, etc
  • awesome-haskell - A curated list of Haskell code and resources.
  • awesome-typescript - A collection of awesome TypeScript resources for client-side and server-side development. Write your awesome JavaScript in TypeScript


  • [awesome-biology] - Not yet! Do it yourself!
  • awesome-chemistry
    • @lmmentel - A curated list of Python packages related to chemistry
    • @hsiaoyi0504 - A curated list of awesome Cheminformatics libraries and software.
  • [awesome-geography] - Not yet! Do it yourself!
  • awesome-materials-informatics - Curated list of known efforts in materials informatics
  • [awesome-math] - Not yet! Do it yourself!
  • awesome-molecular-dynamics - A curated list of awesome Molecular Dynamics libraries, tools and software.
  • [awesome-physics] - Not yet! Do it yourself!
  • awesome-cryptography - Cryptography and encryption resources.
  • awesome-space - Jobs, Media, Rockets, Research, and other Space-related Open Source resources.
  • awesome-space-books - (mostly) offline reference books on space technology, science and history of spaceflight.

Web browsers

  • awesome-firefox - A curated list of resources for and about Mozilla Firefox.


  • awesome-github - Apps, tools, websites, browser extensions.
  • [awesome-flickr] - Not yet! Do it yourself!
  • [awesome-reddit] - Not yet! Do it yourself!
  • [awesome-twitter] - Not yet! Do it yourself!
  • awesome-wikipedia - Datasets, frameworks, libraries and other software related to Wikipedia.
  • [awesome-youtube] - Not yet! Do it yourself!

Web platforms




For contributing, open an issue and/or a pull request. Above there are some ideas for missing lists. Thanks.

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