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A TensorFlow implementation of this Nvidia paper: with some changes

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A TensorFlow implementation of this Nvidia paper with some changes. For a summary of the design process and FAQs, see this medium article I wrote.


Absolutely, under NO circumstance, should one ever pilot a car using computer vision software trained with this code (or any home made software for that matter). It is extremely dangerous to use your own self-driving software in a car, even if you think you know what you're doing, not to mention it is quite illegal in most places and any accidents will land you in huge lawsuits.

This code is purely for research and statistics, absolutley NOT for application or testing of any sort.

How to Use

Download the dataset and extract into the repository folder

Use python to train the model

Use python to run the model on a live webcam feed

Use python to run the model on the dataset

To visualize training using Tensorboard use tensorboard --logdir=./logs, then open into your web browser.

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