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Looking for new maintainer

auto-complete, popup-el and fuzzy-el are looking for new maintainers. If you are interested, then please comment on this issue.

License: GPL v3 MELPA MELPA Stable



An Intelligent auto-completion extension for Emacs

What is Auto-Complete?

Auto-Complete is an intelligent auto-completion extension for Emacs. It extends the standard Emacs completion interface and provides an environment that allows users to concentrate more on their own work.

🏆 Features

  • Visual interface
  • Reduce overhead of completion by using statistic method
  • Extensibility


Auto Completion Fuzzy Completion Increamental Search


auto-complete is available on MELPA and MELPA-STABLE

You can install auto-complete with the following command.

M-x package-install [RET] auto-complete [RET]

User Manual

Auto-Complete User Manual

Basic Configuration



Reporting Bugs

Visit Auto-Complete Issue Tracker and create a new issue.


  • etags, ctags
  • emacswiki
  • test facility
  • support composed chars
  • minibuffer completion
  • performance issue (cache issue)
  • asynchronous processing
  • kanji henkan support
  • create menu if needed
  • quick help positioning on tabs (bug)
  • skip short completion


This software is distributed under the term of GPLv3.

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