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Extending CLIP to Image, Text and Audio

Overview of AudioCLIP

This repository contains implementation of the models described in the paper arXiv:2106.13043. This work is based on our previous works:


In the past, the rapidly evolving field of sound classification greatly benefited from the application of methods from other domains. Today, we observe the trend to fuse domain-specific tasks and approaches together, which provides the community with new outstanding models.

In this work, we present an extension of the CLIP model that handles audio in addition to text and images. Our proposed model incorporates the ESResNeXt audio-model into the CLIP framework using the AudioSet dataset. Such a combination enables the proposed model to perform bimodal and unimodal classification and querying, while keeping CLIP's ability to generalize to unseen datasets in a zero-shot inference fashion.

AudioCLIP achieves new state-of-the-art results in the Environmental Sound Classification (ESC) task, out-performing other approaches by reaching accuracies of 90.07% on the UrbanSound8K and 97.15% on the ESC-50 datasets. Further it sets new baselines in the zero-shot ESC-task on the same datasets (68.78% and 69.40%, respectively).

Finally, we also assess the cross-modal querying performance of the proposed model as well as the influence of full and partial training on the results. For the sake of reproducibility, our code is published.

Downloading Pre-Trained Weights

The pre-trained model can be downloaded from the releases.

# AudioCLIP trained on AudioSet (text-, image- and audio-head simultaneously)

Important Note

If you use AudioCLIP as a part of GAN-based image generation, please consider downloading the partially trained model, as its audio embeddings are compatible with the vanilla CLIP (based on ResNet-50).

Demo on Use Cases

Jupyter Notebook with sample use cases is available under the link.

Overview of AudioCLIP

How to Run the Model

The required Python version is >= 3.7.


On the ESC-50 dataset
python --config protocols/audioclip-esc50.json --Dataset.args.root /path/to/ESC50
On the UrbanSound8K dataset
python --config protocols/audioclip-us8k.json --Dataset.args.root /path/to/UrbanSound8K

More About AudioCLIP

The AI Epiphany channel made a great video about AudioCLIP. Learn more here.

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      title={AudioCLIP: Extending CLIP to Image, Text and Audio}, 
      author={Andrey Guzhov and Federico Raue and Jörn Hees and Andreas Dengel},
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