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A data structure for data exchange between multi lua states.

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Atom Dict

Atomdict implements a data structure for multi lua state.

You can use it in multi-threads , create one lua state per thread. Atomdict will help you exchange a group data atomic between lua states.

Quick Example

In data server :

  local ad = require "atomdict"
  local handle = ad.new_handle { HP = 100 , Name = "Alice" }

  -- Send handle (A integer) to other lua state in other thread

In data client :

  local ad = require "atomdict"

  -- ...

  local obj = -- get data handle from other lua state before.

  -- You can use pairs in this object
  for k,v in pairs(obj) do

  -- Set obj.Name in local state, others can't see it before call ad.barrier()
  obj.Name = "Bob"

  -- put barrier in your main loop of the program


atomdict.new_handle( { key = value(number or string) , ... } , [typename] )

Use a table to init atomdict . You can name the type. If you have many objects with the same structure , giving a typename will improve the performance.

It returns an integer handle.

atomdict.delete_handle( handle )

Delete an atomdict handle. You must delete it before none of the object binding to the handle.

Create an object binding the atomdict handle. It returns an userdata like a table.


Call barrier to commit atomdict objects that their changes could be seen by others.


Print the object to the stdout. (for debug)


Print the handle to the stdout. (for debug)

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