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[Deprecated] Jupyter Notebook, but inside Atom.

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This project does not have any active maintainers. We recommend that you use nteract, a native notebook application built using Electron, React (like this project), Redux, and RxJS, or Hydrogen, a LightTable-inspired package for Atom that allows users to run code blocks and selections using Jupyter kernels.

A package that works like the Jupyter Notebook, but inside Atom. It's registered as an opener for .ipynb files — try opening one!

Sweet baby integration


  1. Install dependencies:
  • Python 3: brew install python3 (there are issues with pip2 and OS X 10.11)
  • Jupyter and Jupyter Kernel Gateway: pip3 install jupyter jupyter_kernel_gateway
Linux (Debian)
  • Python: sudo apt-get install python python-pip
  • Jupyter and Jupyter Kernel Gateway: pip install jupyter jupyter_kernel_gateway
  1. apm install jupyter-notebook or search for jupyter-notebook inside of Atom


  • Run cell: SHIFT+ENTER, CMD+ENTER (or CTRL+ENTER on Windows)



  1. git clone
  2. apm install
  3. apm link


This package is built on React and the Flux architecture.


  • main tells Atom how to render NotebookEditor and registers as an Opener for .ipynb files
  • dispatcher is a singleton flux.Dispatcher which contains the list of valid actions
  • notebook-editor is the Store and handles all of the business logic. It loads the file in, creates a state, then receives Actions and updates the state accordingly.
  • notebook-editor-view, notebook-cell, text-editor, display-area are the views. notebook-editor-view updates its state by fetching it from notebook-editor, then passes appropriate bits of that state down to the other views as props.


Rendering: NotebookEditor -> NotebookEditorView -> [child views]

Updating: [external action] -> Dispatcher.dispatch -> NotebookEditor.onAction ?-> NotebookEditor._onChange -> NotebookEditorView._onChange

Immutable state

The state returned by NotebookEditor.getState is an Immutable.js object.

Accessing its properties inside a view looks like this:

let executionCount ='execution_count');

Changing it (in NotebookEditor) looks like this:

this.state = this.state.setIn(
    ['cells', cellIndex, 'source'],

or this:

outputs = outputs.push(el.outerHTML);

Since React requires a view's state to be a regular JS object, the state of NotebookEditorView takes the form:

    data: <Immutable object>

No other views have state.

To do

  • autocomplete
    • atom.workspace.getActiveTextEditor() returns undefined because atom.workspace.getActivePaneItem() returns our custom NotebookEditor class which contains one or more TextEditors, therefore autocomplete, find, and features provided by other packages don't work in cells
  • add more actions (duplicate cell, restart kernel, change cell type, etc)
  • tell React our rendering is pure
  • test rendering performance with big notebooks
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