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2D pathfinding for Unity

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A* pathfinding for Unity

2D focused pathfinding asset for Unity3D. Blog to preview.


  • Finding path from point A to Point B
  • Moving unit from point A to Point B
  • Dynamic collider check to create smoother paths.
  • Randomizive when paths are calculated
  • Calculate new path only when target moves
  • Option to prevent corner cutting
  • Weighted paths
  • Show calculated path
  • Updating nodes to check if they are walkable (Useful grids that are changing, but this is really expensive)
  • Option to change heuristics (Can change algorithm work like standard A*, Dijkstra's or greedy best first)
  • Use a Binary Heap to maintain your open list.
  • Option to run pathfinding on other thread


  • Sometimes cuts corners
  • If seeker node is out of bounds, it causes error
  • If target is unreachable, game lags because it tries to search the whole grid.


  • Improved inspector
  • React to other units (ex. Avoids other units moving in path)
  • Recalculate path if colliders around unit are changing
  • Precalculate grid


  • Mika Savolainen - @WaweTheWaras Feel free to ask any questions!


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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