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Google Assistant SDK for devices - Node.js


  1. Create or open a project in the Actions Console
  2. Follow the instructions to register a device model
  3. Download credentials.json
  4. Install the google-oauthlib-tool in a Python 3 virtual environment:
python3 -m venv env
env/bin/python -m pip install --upgrade pip setuptools
env/bin/pip install --upgrade "google-auth-oauthlib[tool]"
  1. Use the google-oauthlib-tool to generate credentials:
env/bin/google-oauthlib-tool --client-secrets credentials.json \
                             --credentials devicecredentials.json \
                             --scope \
  1. Run cd google-assistant-grpc
  2. Run npm install
  3. Run node googleassistant.js
const GoogleAssistant = require('./googleassistant');
const deviceCredentials = require('./devicecredentials.json');

  client_id: deviceCredentials.client_id,
  client_secret: deviceCredentials.client_secret,
  refresh_token: deviceCredentials.refresh_token,
  type: "authorized_user"

const assistant = new GoogleAssistant(CREDENTIALS);


The GoogleAssistant class has several methods and helpers.

  • .assist(string) - Sends a string request to the Assistant. Returns a promise with the text response or device action if applicable.
  • .setDeviceConfig(modelid, instanceid) - Sets the device model and instance. This will need to be set with the model id you defined in the Actions Console to use device actions.
  • .startConversation([initialPrompt]) - Starts a conversation with "my test app". Returns a promise with the text response.
  • .startConversationWith(appName, [initialPrompt]) - Starts a conversation with an Assistant app. Returns a promise with the text response.
  • .endConversation() - Ends a conversation with an Assistant app. Returns a promise.
  • .setLocale(locale) - Changes the Assistant locale, in the format en-US.
assistant.assist('what time is it')
  .then(({ text }) => {
    console.log(text); // Will log "It's 12:30"

You can chain together several requests and responses with Promises, as shown below.

assistant.assist('what is the weather')
  .then(({ text }) => {
    return assistant.assist('what about the weather tomorrow')
  .then(({ text }) => {



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