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asciinema is a free and open source solution for recording terminal sessions and sharing them on the web.

This repository contains the source code of asciinema hosting web app, which runs at

You can find the source code of asciinema terminal recorder at asciinema/asciinema, and the source code of asciinema web player at asciinema/asciinema-player.

Setting up your own asciinema web app instance

asciinema terminal recorder uses as its default host for the recordings. It's free, public service (all uploaded recordings are private by default though).

If you're not comfortable with uploading your terminal sessions to, or your company's policy prevents you from doing that, you can set up your own instance for private use. See our asciinema server install guide.

Once you have your instance running, point asciinema recorder to it by setting API URL in ~/.config/asciinema/config file as follows:

url =

Alternatively, you can set ASCIINEMA_API_URL environment variable:

ASCIINEMA_API_URL= asciinema rec


Check out our Contributing page, which describes multiple ways you can help this project.

If you decide to contribute with the code then please read, which covers submitting bugs, requesting new features, preparing your code for a pull request, etc.


We're serious about the security of this web app and the user data it manages. If you find anything that looks like a potential vulnerability please read on how to report a security issue.


asciinema is developed by Marcin Kulik with the help of many great open source contributors.

For a complete list of the many individuals that contributed to the project, please refer to GitHub's list of contributors.

Copyright © 2011-2022 Marcin Kulik. See LICENSE for details.

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