Aryaminus Memento Versions Save

Organize your meme image cluster in a better format using OCR from the meme to sort them using tesseract along with editing memes by segmenting them using OpenCV within a directory


5 years ago
  • Fix the integer input for python2
  • Use default arial
  • UI improvement


5 years ago
  • Update the pypi package
  • Move the directory files to a single directory
  • Fix the UI layout with minor enhancements


5 years ago
  • Setup for OpenCV to edit the meme text
  • Option to choose a single word to edit


5 years ago
  • Add input selection to choose any ofthree options:
    1. Orientation Check of the image
    2. Save OCR in txt form
    3. Rename the filename


5 years ago
  • Add the OCR to fetch in txt form from saram reference
  • Update the filename with 60 initial characters from OCR