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Futuristic Sci-Fi UI Web Framework.

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Futuristic Sci-Fi UI Web Framework

Arwes is a web framework to build user interfaces based on futuristic science fiction designs, animations, and sound effects. The concepts behind are opinionated with influences from Cyberprep and Synthwave, and productions like Star Citizen, Halo, and TRON: Legacy. It tries to inspire advanced space and alien technology.

The project is under development and not ready for production yet. See project details.

Branch main is for releases and public content deployed at

Branch next is for active development deployed at

The previous version was moved to with the branch version1-breakpoint1 where you can find the components and the website source code. This package was released in February, 2018, and it is now deprecated.




Lady of the Shalott
Lady of the Shalott

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Stephen Bennett

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This project follows the all-contributors specification.

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The project is not fully open for sustancial contributions yet until the first beta version is released and the project guidelines are finished. But you can follow the development in Discord and Twitter.

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