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HTTP parameter discovery suite.


4 months ago
  • hotfix for a breaking bug


4 months ago
  • Ability to detect parameters that respond to a certain value e.g. "?debug=yes"
  • Added "required parameter" detection
  • Heuristic can now extract words out of json/text responses
  • Fixed -oB option description


4 months ago
  • Fixed multiple breaking bugs
  • Export results as they come in multi-target mode
  • Various improvements to output in multi-target mode
  • changed default chunk size 300->500 and threads to 2->5


9 months ago
  • Fixed header comparison (will fix infinite bruteforce on some targets)
  • Fixed catastrophic backtracking in some regexes (arjun used to get stuck)
  • New logic for handling redirections
  • --disable-redirects option


1 year ago
  • Fixed file-paths not being windows compatible
  • Fixed and improved JavaScript heuristics scanning
  • Fixed missing ampersands in -oT output
  • Refactoring of help options and code


1 year ago
  • Fixed memory exhaustion bug
  • Fixed parsing of raw HTTP files
  • Added new detection factor: number of lines
  • Failed retries are now handled properly


1 year ago
  • Minor code cleanup
  • Fixed --headers option


1 year ago
  • Fixed circular import
  • Fixed BurpSuite export
  • Fixed not working headers
  • Better response type checking
  • Fixed wordlist error on Windows
  • Fixed Content-Type header bug


2 years ago

Added an anomaly detection algorithm with 9 factors

  • Added a HTTP response analyzer for handling errors and retrying requests
  • Significantly improved heuristic scanner
  • --passive option for collecting parameters from otx, commoncrawl and
  • -c option to define number of parameters to be sent at once
  • import via -i options now supports: BurpSuite log, raw request file, text file with urls
  • -T option to specify HTTP connection timeout
  • combined -m option for specifying HTTP request method
  • Various bug fixes and better output


3 years ago
  • --stable switch for handling rate limits
  • Include empty JS variables for testing
  • Various optimizations and bug fixes
  • Handle keyboard interruption
  • Removed redundant code