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Trading bot for both Sushiswap and Camelot on Arbitrum. This is where shit get's real. Really amazing trading bot with gui design by masterd

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Can be also used as a Volume Making Bot for your token o.o

Arbitrum is the best chain for trading because it's impossible to frontrun anything

Trading ANY token pair automatically, HIGHLY requested

linux windows macos

If you want a sniping bot instead:

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💎 This is how the GUI looks (pretty sexy huh)

GUI preview

🚀 Features

  • 💌 Automatic trading of ANY token on Sushiswap and Camelot (HELL YEAH!)
  • ⏰ Token that is highly volatile really makes a lot of money with this
  • 🌏 Set exact price to buy at and sell at! Consistent results
  • 💸 Custom gas price and limit
  • 💸 Dark Mode
  • Enjoy and leave a star, if you like it!

Note: Please install a code tool first, such as Visual Studio Code as it will help you set up this bot within 5 minutes

📦 Install

1. Download python3+ for your PC from python org
2. Open terminal in the bot folder and type "pip install -r requirements.txt" / this will install all modules required to run the bot
3. In the same terminal type "python3"

💎 Successfull 117.54 USD trade to test things out!

Code preview

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📘 Credits

Thanks to all the people who already contributed to making this PancakeX better!

📝 Changelog

Detailed changes for each release:

• Version v1 [release] - 2 months ago

• Version v2.2 [added 9 new functions, GUI release] - 1 month ago

• Version v2.3 [fixed minor bugs] - 4 weeks ago

• Version v2.4 [minor changes] - 3 weeks ago

• Version v3 [ADDED DARK MODE] - 2 days ago

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