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ARAnyM is Atari ST/TT/Falcon+clones compatible and improved virtual machine (like a VirtualBox for a PC)


4 years ago

2019/04/14 - version 1.1.0 released

List of changes in this release is 60 pages long! No wonder as it's been four and half years since previous release, and the development never stopped, mainly thanks to Thorsten. See the 'ChangeLog' file for details.

Tons of things have been fixed in all areas of the ARAnyM, and lots of new features have been added. Following list is incomplete but still gives you a good overview:

Notable changes:

  • ARAnyM is hosted by at
  • there are automated builds for x86/amd64, armhf and macOS
  • added hotkey for turning audio on/off
  • HostFS MiNT file locking implemented
  • nfosmesa updated to OpenGL 4.6
  • MetaDOS driver improved
  • hotkeys work in the Setup GUI dialog as well
  • configurable directory for screenshots (via Setup GUI)
  • on macOS the configuration file is now looked up first in ~/Documents/Aranym_files (if it does not exist yet)
  • displaying non-ASCII characters in the fileselector should work now
  • path of loaded TOS/EmuTOS can now be selected in the Setup GUI
  • JIT CPU compiler now supports Solaris
  • JIT CPU compiler now supports more 64bit hosts (like kfreebsd)

New features:

  • NatFeat SCSI driver for Linux
  • NatFeat host exec
  • NatFeat for query/set CPU JIT
  • NatFeat for ARAnyM exit
  • new command line option --option that can set any value from the config file
  • AppImage running on all Linux distros can now be built