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(Aragon 1) A monorepo of JavaScript libraries for interacting with Aragon


2 years ago
  • Create a release version matching npm package version v5.4.0


2 years ago
  • Add support for Polygon Matic currency when evaluating transaction using radspec


2 years ago

What’s changed in aragonJS

  • add cache prefix (#473) @novaknole
  • wrapper: consolidate and deduplicate ABI and method searching (#443) @sohkai
  • docs: update branding (#444) @sohkai
  • api, wrapper: rename methodJsonDescription to methodAbiFragment (#442) @sohkai
  • chore: remove travis (#440) @sohkai
  • chore: migrate to yarn (#441) @sohkai
  • chore: update stale bot (#439) @sohkai


3 years ago

@aragon/wrapper v5 has been in beta for a long time and is now considered feature-stable.

With the release of Aragon Connect, @aragon/wrapper is now considered to be an Aragon client middleware library that should not be used or extended by others outside of exceptional circumstances.

If you were previously relying on @aragon/wrapper to fetch information from or interact with Aragon organizations, we recommend migrating to Aragon Connect.


3 years ago

api-react is now considered stable alongside @aragon/api πŸŽ‰.

If api-react is news to you, you can get started by reading the documentation!


3 years ago

@aragon/api v2 has been in beta for a long time and is now considered feature-stable.

We anticipate everyone who was using @aragon/api in the past is now on v2, given its extended lifespan in beta. If you have yet to upgrade, we recommend learning what's new, by reviewing the documentation!

In particular, the primary features introduced in v2 were:

  • App state caching, based on synced blocks
  • Lots and lots of new APIs!

The largest breaking API change is, which was modified to introduce support for app state caching.


4 years ago


  • Describe transactions through radspec (#388) @sohkai


4 years ago


  • Remove handlers for templates (#387) @sohkai
  • Allow IPFS fetch timeout to be parameterized (#386) @sohkai
  • Fix describing organization upgrades (#385) @sohkai
  • Include hatch.aragonpm.eth's native packages (#384) @0xGabi


4 years ago

api-react release to alongside @aragon/[email protected] πŸŽ‰.

Adds support for the path API (api.path(), api.requestPath()) and installed apps API (api.currentApp(), api.installedApps()) through useAragonApi() and other hooks. See the documentation for more details!

Special thanks to @ottodevs for helping make this release happen alongside @aragon/[email protected]!


4 years ago


  • Wrapper: fix radspec evaluation when upgrading repos (#381) @sohkai
  • Wrapper: fallback radspec evaluation to check all installed apps (#376) @sohkai
  • Wrapper: add AppProxy's events abi to running apps (#375) @sohkai
  • Add transferToVault to Kernel's artifact (#382) @macor161
  • Wrapper: hotfix isForwarder() check on apps (#372) @sohkai
  • Wrapper: migrate from apm.js and streamline exposed ENS API (#369) @sohkai
  • Web3: upgrade to latest v1 (#334) @topocount
  • Wrapper: update organization upgrade intent to 0.8 (#368) @sohkai

Special thanks to @macor161 and @topocount for helping make this release alongside @aragon/[email protected] happen πŸŽ‰