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A Material theme for the Vaadin Framework 7.3+ and 8.0+

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This is a Theme for the Vaadin Framework 7.3+ and 8.0+ based on the Google Material Design.

Download release

Official releases of this add-on are available at Vaadin Directory. For Maven instructions, download and reviews, go to!addon/material

Building and running demo

git clone [email protected]:appreciated/material-design.git
mvn clean install
cd demo
mvn jetty:run

To see the demo, navigate to http://localhost:8080/

Issue tracking

Issues for this add-on are tracked here. All bug reports and feature requests are welcome.


Contributions are welcome, but there are no guarantees that they are accepted as such. Process for contributing is the following:

  • Fork this project
  • Create an issue to this project about the contribution (bug or feature) if there is no such issue about it already. Try to keep the scope minimal.
  • Develop and test the fix or functionality carefully. Only include minimum amount of code needed to fix the issue.
  • Refer to the fixed issue in commit
  • Send a pull request for the original project
  • Comment on the original issue that you have implemented a fix for it

Working with Vaadin Designer 1 or 2

The Designer won't be able to successfully compile the SCSS as long as it doesn't have access to the theme files. To fix this you will either need to unzip the jar and copy the files to src/main/webapp/VAADIN/themes or you could use the following maven plugin that does the job for you.


  • Every time you are updating the Theme to a newer version (f.e. 1.0.0 to 1.0.1) you need to run a mvn clean install otherwise the designer and the scss compiler will continue to use the older version (since they are in the same folder).
  • I do not recommend to include this job for jenkins builds, only for developement purposes.
  • To avoid pushing unecessary files to git you might want to add src/main/webapp/VAADIN/themes/material/ to your .gitignore.

Licenses & Authors

The Theme (material-addon) is mostly written by Appreciated and is distributed under Apache License 2.0. For license terms, see LICENSE.txt.

A small part in the material-addon has been taken from the Materialize Project which has been Licensed under the MIT License see MIT-LICENSE.txt.

Most of the code in the Demo (material-demo) has been written by the Vaadin Team and has been taken from here for the developement of the theme but is not included in the addon itself and is distributed under Apache License 2.0. For license terms, see also LICENSE.txt. The modified parts are also licensed under Apache License 2.0.

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