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? AppListManager (Android Library) makes managing application and activity lists easy.


4 years ago
  • Added a new generic type object to AppData (variable called object). It is an additional variable that you can use for your own needs. If you need multiple variables, create a new wrapper object (new type) to hold those variables. Can be used with getObject() and setObject(Object), where Object is any type.


4 years ago

NOTE: This version introduces backwards incompatible changes. Follow the steps below on how to solve issues.

  • Added ability to filter by application permissions:
    • All getSome... methods now require two additional parameters - String[] (which contains permissions), and Boolean (which tells whether to look for applications that contain at least one of the given permissions or not).
    • All listeners (except for sortListener) - activityListener, appListener, newActivityListener, newAppListener, uninstalledActivityListener, uninstalledAppListener - now receive two additional parameters (look the point above). If not applicable, then they are null and false.
    • AppData object now holds application permissions (if you are working with activity lists, this field still contains application permissions) that can be accessed with getPermissions() and setPermissions(...).
    • checkApplicationPermissions method which allows checking whether a single AppData object contains (or does not contain) at least one of the given permissions.

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4 years ago
  • Added BY_APPNAME_IGNORE_CASE for sorting.
  • Updated dependencies


4 years ago