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KDE plasmoid compatible with Qt6 with window title and buttons. I like minimalistic display layout and used Active Window Control plasmoid, but it's abandoned for several years and now incompatible with Plasma6. So, I decided to create my own widget with the minimal set of features.


Stable and fast widget with control buttons and window title, ideally with the same functionality as Unity panel. I would like to keep the widget pure QML to avoid incompatibility and maintenance issues.

Disadvantages of pure QML widget:

  • Only icons can be used from Aurorae themes, the rest is ignored. Binary themes are unsupported at all (Issues #18, #6).
  • I cannot see the way to build menu with current plasmoid API (Issue #13)


  • Close, minimize, maximize, keep below/above buttons.
  • Title with app name.
  • Configure actions on mouse events.
  • Configurable elements set and order.
  • Different theming options. Internal Breeze icons, System icons and Aurorae theme.
  • Configurable layout and geometry.


  1. Bash script

    • Update: wget -O ${TMPDIR:-/tmp}/application-title-bar.plasmoid && kpackagetool6 -t Plasma/Applet -u ${TMPDIR:-/tmp}/application-title-bar.plasmoid && systemctl --user restart plasma-plasmashell.service

    • Install wget -O ${TMPDIR:-/tmp}/application-title-bar.plasmoid && kpackagetool6 -t Plasma/Applet -i ${TMPDIR:-/tmp}/application-title-bar.plasmoid && systemctl --user restart plasma-plasmashell.service

  2. Manual with Plasma UI

    • Install via "Add Widgets..." -> "Get New Widgets..." -> "Download..."
    • Install from KDE Store
    • Download Latest *.plasmoid from Releases page and install it via "Add Widgets..." -> "Get New Widgets..." -> "Install Widget From Local file"
  3. Nix (needs Nixpkgs unstable 24.11 or later)

    On NixOS:

    environment.systemPackages = with pkgs; [

    Other distros:

    # without flakes:
    nix-env -iA nixpkgs.application-title-bar
    # with flakes:
    nix profile install nixpkgs#application-title-bar


This project is licensed under the GPL-3.0-or-later License - see the file for details


Pull requests and Issue reports are always welcome.

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