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Appium Workshop

Clone or download this repo.

  • Unzip the repo if you downloaded it.
  • Move the project to C:\Users\**your_user_name**\appium-workshop for windows.
  • Move the project to ~/appium-workshop for mac.

Install Appium Workshop Dependencies

  • Follow instruction here for Windows.
  • Follow instruction here for mac.

Install Ruby Gems Dependencies

  • Open a terminal or shell window.
  • Goto cd appium-workshop
  • Install bundler gem install bundler --source
  • Run: bundle install

Run the sample test

  • Double click the Appium Desktop icon on windows desktop or run from applications folder for mac.
  • Click the Start Server button. You should see a "The server is running" message in green.
  • Start your EM1 android emulator you created in the setup.
    • In OSX terminal, run: $ $ANDROID_HOME/tools/emulator -avd EM1
    • In Windows, from PowerShell run: emulator -avd EM1
  • Open another CMD or terminal and goto cd C:\Users\your_user_name\appium-workshop\example or cd ~/appium-workshop/example.
  • Then run $ rspec --format documentation test-appium.rb
  • You should see "1 example, 0 failures" if everything worked correctly.
  • Validate Allure report:
    • In the example dir, run: $ allure report generate output/allure
    • $ allure report open
    • A browser should open automatically with the Allure report of the last test run.
    • Close the browser and CTRL-C to exit out of allure server.

Workshop Slides

  • Open the interactive workshop slides here
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