Apache Spark Hands On Save

Educational notes,Hands on problems w/ solutions for hadoop ecosystem

Project README

For the benefit of community, Please feel free to add/request anything that hasnt been covered. Please remember this is beginners guide and not a expert level documentation.


  • /Flume : contains notes and examples of apache flume
  • /Hive : contains notes and examples of apache hive
  • /MySQL : code sample containing peices to create db, create table and load data in mysql
  • /Sqoop : contains notes and examples of import/export using sqoop
  • /spark : contains notes,documentation, sample example(s) of spark APIs

Hands-on :

  • /exam : sample cca-175 exam questions and solutions (in solution branch)
  • /problem1 - complex data structure handling using hive. (exposure to Hive,create table,LOAD,named_struct,struct)
  • /problem2 - Stock data analysis. (exposure to : json file handing, SparkSQL,map,reduce,filter,join,groupByKey,keyBy,UDFs etc)
  • /problem3 - MovieLens database analysis
  • /problem4 - Lahman's baseball database analysis
  • /problem5 - Hortonworks certification sample. Total 10 tasks .
  • /Tweeter - Tweeter data analysis
  • /problem6 - Retail database sample excercises

My Answers to few PySpark Questions on StackOverFlow : Link

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