Simple Ants simulator

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Very simple ants simulator.



In order to compile this project you will need to:

  • have SFML installed on your system. If you don't know how to do it see this link.
  • have CMake installed


Detailed explanation here

On Linux with

  • Go in the repo folder

cd the/repo/location

  • Execute script


On Ubuntu from Docker
  • Install Docker (see this)
  • Execute script
docker build -t myimages/ant-simulator:latest .
docker create -it --name dummy myimages/ant-simulator:latest bash
docker cp dummy:/AntSimulator/build/AntSimulator .
rm -rf build/
mkdir build/
mv AntSimulator build/
cp -r res/ build/
docker rm -f dummy

Executable files will be located in the build folder.

On Windows with CMake GUI and Visual Studio

  • Install the right SFML version or compile it (see this)
  • Run CMake
  • Select the repo location

Cmake 1

  • Click on Configure, if you have installed the x64 version of SFML, in the pop up window select x64 in the Optionnal platform for generator drop down

Cmake 2

  • Click on Finish
  • Click on Generate

Cmake 3

  • You can now open the generated project and build it.


Command Action
P Pause/Unpause the simulation
M Toggle markers drawing
A Toggle ants drawing
S Toggle max speed mode
W Toggle Wall mode
E Toggle Wall erase mode
Right click Add food
Left click Move view
Wheel Zoom
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