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Pyhton scripts that can change your Windows fingerprints and ID

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Change Windows and hardware identifiers so that change system fingerprint.

You need to install at least Python 3.6, last version preferred


  • When you install Python, make sure that you select "Custom" installation mode and check "Install for all users"
  • On the current stage this application does not back up your system initial state, run it in the virtual machine not to damage your host system

How to use:

Run python.exe --help for available options.

If you are not comfortable with the command-line, simply start the batch file START.bat with Administrator privileges

List of changed identificators:

  • Username
  • Hostname
  • Current windows build
  • Current windows build number
  • Windows build lab
  • BuildLabEx
  • BuildGuid
  • CryptoMachineGuid
  • DeviceGuid
  • CKCL Guid
  • HardwareProfileGuid
  • WMIGuid
  • EDGE Guid
  • InstallDate
  • ProductID
  • WindowsUpdateClientID
  • IE ProductID
  • IE KBNumber
  • IE Install date
  • VolumeID
  • MACadress
  • HardwareGUID
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