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Anti 996 License Version 1.0


Foreword from Katt

The project is started purely out of my research interest with no political factors involved. The study of open source license is a new area of law and it indicates that China has gradually gaining discourse power in the world in terms of high-tech industry. I believe that one day China will have its own open source foundation and will have a say in making the rules for open source software. I hope that the project will be maintained as a research project with support from domestic academic institutions.

In addtion, we won't accept any donation under our names. Thanks.

About Anti 996 License

This version of Anti 996 License is drafted by Katt Gu, J.D, University of Illinois, College of Law; Ph.D. student in Informatics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; advised by Suji Yan, CEO of Dimension.

This draft is adapted from the MIT license. For more detailed explanation, please see Wiki. This license is designed to be compatible with all major open source licenses.

Community Rule

Community Rule


Media Coverage About Anti 996 License

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