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Ansible role to setup Grafana.

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Ansible role to setup Grafana.


Family Distribution Version Test Status
Debian Debian Jessie x86_64
Debian Debian Wheezy x86_64
Debian Ubuntu Xenial x86_64
Debian Ubuntu Trusty x86_64
Debian Ubuntu Precise x86_64
Debian Ubuntu Vivid x86_64


  • ansible >= 1.9.6

Role Variables

  • grafana_admin_password: password for the Grafana administrator account.
  • grafana_admin_user: user name for the Grafana administrator account.
  • grafana_apt_dependencies: packages needed to be able to run this playbook or install Grafana.
  • grafana_conf_file: the file that will contain Grafana's configuration.
  • grafana_conf_data: the contents of Grafana's configuration file.
  • grafana_default: the contents of Grafana's init script environment.
  • grafana_dir_conf: the directory where the Grafana configuration file will be stored.
  • grafana_dir_data: the directory where the Grafana data will be stored.
  • grafana_dir_home: the Grafana home directory.
  • grafana_dir_log: the directory where the Grafana log files will be stored.
  • grafana_dir_plugins: the directory where the Grafana plugins will be stored.
  • grafana_http_port: the port where the Grafana service will be running.
  • grafana_group: the Grafana group.
  • grafana_pid_file_dir: directory where PID file will be written to.
  • grafana_pid_file: path to PID file.
  • grafana_user: the Grafana user.

Unless stated otherwise a default value is provided for each of the variables mentioned above in the defaults directory.




- hosts: servers
     - role: ansiblebit.grafana


  • configuration: configuration tasks.
  • debug: task to debug role variables.
  • installation: installation tasks.
  • validation: task to validate role variables.


To run the tests you will need to install:

To run all tests against all pre-defined OS/distributions * ansible versions:

$ tox

To run tests for trusty64:

$ cd tests
$ bash --box
# log file will be stores under tests/log

To perform debugging on a specific environment:

$ cd tests
$ vagrant up

# to provision using the test.yml playbook (as many time as you need)
$ vagrant provision

# to access the Vagrant box
$ vagrant ssh



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