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Announcement center

Announce your maintenance window 🎛️, introduce a new colleague 👤 or make sure everyone knows about the big event next month 📅

  • 🖌️ Markdown support
  • 📑 Comments including @-mentions
  • 👪 Group permissions
  • ⭕ Dashboard integration
  • ⚡ Activities integration
  • 🔔 Notifications integration

For further information see the Changelog.

🛠️ State of maintenance

While there are many things that could be done to further improve this app, the app is currently maintained with limited effort, due to the following reasons:

  • The main target use-cases are working fine
  • I'm a backend developer, but the next bigger features (inline attachments, emoji picker, mentions, reactions, …) require more frontend knowledge and time
  • My work-focus shifted away from this app

I will continue to provide the level of maintenance I can afford, which is:

  • Taking care that the app continues to work
  • Make sure an update is available for compatibility with new Nextcloud server releases
  • Provide feedback and background information to new or existing features

While I'm personally limited in resources to further advance this app I would be more than excited if you want to collaborate with me. I will merge pull requests for new features and frontend fixes.

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