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A cli tool to browse and play anime

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A cli to browse and watch anime (alone AND with friends). This tool scrapes the site animixplay.


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Fixing errors

If you encounter "Video url not found" or any breaking issue, then make sure you are on latest version by typing sudo ani-cli -U to update on Linux, Mac and Android. On Windows, run gitbash as administrator then there type ani-cli -U. If after this the issue persists then open an issue.


Users of V3.2 or the v3.2.x series should uninstall before upgrading

Otherwise you're likely to see an error like the following: "/usr/bin/ani-cli: line 470: (...)/player_mpv: No such file or directory"

Native packages

Packaging status

Native packages have a more robust update cycle, but sometimes they are slow to upgrade. If the one for your platform is up-to-date we suggest going with it.



wget -qO- | sudo tee /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/ani-cli.asc
wget -qO- | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ani-cli-debian.list
sudo apt update
sudo apt install ani-cli


To install mpv (and vlc) you need RPM Fusion free enabled. Simply follow the instructions here: To be able to install syncplay, you'll need to enable this copr repo (instructions included):

To install ani-cli:

sudo dnf copr enable derisis13/ani-cli
sudo dnf install ani-cli

If for your distro uses rpm and you would like to see a native package, open an issue.


Build and install from the AUR:

yay -S ani-cli

Also consider ani-cli-git

OpenSuse Tumbleweed and Leap

On Suse the provided MPV and VLC packages are missing features that are used by ani-cli. The only required is the "Only Essentials" repository which has versions for each Suse release. You can find instructions on this here.

To add the ani-cli copr repo, update then install ani-cli run (on both versions):

zypper addrepo ani-cli
zypper dup
zypper install ani-cli

You'll get a warning about Signature verification failed [4-Signatures public key is not available] but this can be ignored from the prompt.

Note: package is noarch, so any architecture should work, even though the repo is labled x86-64

Installing from source

Install dependencies (See below)

sudo rm -rf "/usr/local/share/ani-cli" "/usr/local/bin/ani-cli" "/usr/local/bin/UI" /usr/local/bin/player_* #If some of these aren't found, it's not a problem
git clone "" && cd ./ani-cli
sudo cp ./ani-cli /usr/local/bin
cd .. && rm -rf "./ani-cli"

Also note that mpv installed through flatpak is not compatible


Install dependencies (See below)

Install HomeBrew if not installed.

rm -rf "$(brew --prefix)/share/ani-cli" "$(brew --prefix)/bin/ani-cli" "$(brew --prefix)/bin/UI" "$(brew --prefix)"/bin/player_* #If some of these aren't found, it's not a problem
git clone "" && cd ./ani-cli
cp ./ani-cli "$(brew --prefix)"/bin 
cd .. && rm -rf ./ani-cli

To install (with Homebrew) the dependencies required on Mac OS, you can run:

brew install curl grep axel [email protected] ffmpeg git && \
brew install --cask iina

Why iina and not mpv? Drop-in replacement for mpv for MacOS. Integrates well with OSX UI. Excellent support for M1. Open Source.


Make sure git bash is installed (Install)

Note that the installation instruction below must be done inside Git Bash, not in Command Prompt or Powershell

mpv is not added to $PATH automatically when installed and thus the script is unable to use it. You either have to do this manually, or install it via scoop (recommended):

scoop install mpv

Scoop bucket

scoop bucket add extras
scoop install ani-cli

From source

rm -rf "/usr/local/share/ani-cli" "/usr/local/bin/ani-cli" "/usr/local/bin/UI" /usr/local/bin/player_* #If some of these aren't found, it's not a problem
git clone "" && cd ./ani-cli
cp ./ani-cli /usr/bin
cd .. && rm -rf ./ani-cli

Run ani-cli in Git Bash (Running it in cmd or powershell may or may not work)


Install termux (Guide)

Termux package

pkg up -y
pkg install ani-cli

From source

pkg up -y
rm -rf "$PREFIX/share/ani-cli" "$PREFIX/bin/ani-cli" "$PREFIX/bin/UI" "$PREFIX"/local/bin/player_* #If some of these aren't found, it's not a problem
git clone "" && cd ./ani-cli
cp ./ani-cli "$PREFIX"/bin
cd .. && rm -rf ./ani-cli

Note : Vlc Android now works too ;)

You need to add any referrer in mpv by opening mpv (playstore version), going into Settings -> Advanced -> Edit mpv.conf and adding (for example):



  • apt:
sudo apt remove ani-cli
# to remove the repository from apt:
sudo rm -f /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/ani-cli.asc /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ani-cli-debian.list
  • dnf:
sudo dnf remove ani-cli      # for ani-cli
# disable the repo in dnf
dnf copr disable derisis13/ani-cli

You might want to uninstall RPM fusion if you don't use it otherwise

  • zypper:
zypper remove ani-cli
zypper removerepo ani-cli

You might want to remove packman-essentials if you don't need it otherwise

  • AUR:
yay -R ani-cli
  • Scoop:
scoop uninstall ani-cli
  • Linux:
sudo rm "/usr/local/bin/ani-cli"
  • Mac:
rm "$(brew --prefix)/bin/ani-cli"
  • Windows: In Git Bash run (as administrator):
rm "/usr/bin/ani-cli"
  • Termux package
pkg remove ani-cli
  • Android:
rm "$PREFIX/bin/ani-cli"


  • grep
  • sed
  • awk
  • curl
  • openssl
  • mpv - Video Player
  • iina - mpv replacement for MacOS
  • axel - Download manager
  • ffmpeg - m3u8 Downloader
  • fzf (optional)


  • animdl: Ridiculously efficient, fast and light-weight (supports most sources: animixplay, 9anime...) (Python)
  • anime-helper-shell: A python shell for searching, watching, and downloading anime (Python)
  • anipy-cli: ani-cli rewritten in python (Python)
  • dra-cla: ani-cli equivalent for korean dramas (Shell)
  • Stream anime from and sync with anilist (Python)
  • lobster: Life action movies and series fom the terminal (Shell)
  • manga-cli: Read manga in the cli (Shell)
  • mangal: Download & read manga from any source with anilist sync (Go)
  • mov-cli: Watch movies/tv shows in the cli (work in progress) (Python/Shell)
  • saikou: Best android app for anime/manga with anilist integration (Kotlin)
  • tv-cli: Watch live TV in the cli (Shell)
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