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andross is a Lua library for 2D skeletal/bone animations.

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andross is a Lua library for 2D skeletal/bone animations.

It provides different backends, where a backend for löve is already provided.

There is also the possibility to implement different importers, where an importer for the DragonBones format is already provided as well. Originally it is written as a runtime for the Cutout Animation Tools plugin for Blender, so that there are still quite some compatibility issues with files exported by DragonBones itself.


The animation can be handled through a low and a high level API. For more expanded upon examples, have a look into the examples folder! A minimal example using the high level api would look like this:

andross = require "andross"
andross.backend = require ""
dragonBones = require "andross.dragonbones"

function love.load(args)
    local attachmentMgr = andross.backend.AtlasAttachmentManager("media/dude/texture/sprites/dude_atlas.png")
    local skel, anims, skin = dragonBones.import("media/dude/dude.json"), attachmentMgr)

    animMgr = andross.AnimationManager(skel, anims, skin)

function love.update(dt)

function love.draw()
    local lg =
        lg.translate(lg.getWidth()/2, lg.getHeight()/2)
        local scale = 0.5
        lg.scale(scale, scale)


For more detailed documentation, have a look into the Wiki (coming soon).


This project is licensed under the MIT license, excluding the assets. I'd love if you tell me, when you use it in your project and I can be happy about people using my work for cool things.

Also I chose MIT (so it's not mandatory) because I'm nice, but I would really love if you would contribute when you have fixes or feature additions.


If you want to contribute, pitch me a mail or open an issue. You may also just pull request any feature/fix. Style-wise etc. I would prefer if it just looked like the rest. That is very vague, I know.

There is a todo.txt in the root of the project, which includes everything that I have in mind for future improvements. I should probably open some issues on these.

Also I'm not very experienced with animation and such, so if you have nice insights on how things I do are usually (hopefully better) done or what kind of functionality is very common and needed, hit me up too!


andross makes use of the following awesome libraries:

Thanks a lot for your good work!

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