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This is not an official Google product.

This script generates stitched-together screenshots of Android Wear UIs that are too tall to fit on the screen all at once. It does by taking a screenshot, scrolling a bit, taking another screenshot etc. until it reaches the bottom of the screen. It then does some image processing to merge the screenshots that were taken.

This works with real devices and with emulated watches.

Usage: [-h] [--out-dir OUT_DIR] [--file-prefix FILE_PREFIX | --file-name FILE_NAME] [--adb-args ADB_ARGS] [--capture] | [--no-capture] [--round] | [--square] [--transparency] | [--no-transparency] [--inter-capture-delay INTER_CAPTURE_DELAY] [--keep-captures] | [--no-keep-captures] [--max-captures MAX_CAPTURES]

Take Wear screenshots using adb and stitch them together

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit --out-dir OUT_DIR The dirctory to output to. (default: the current directory) --file-prefix FILE_PREFIX The file prefix to use. An auto-incrementing index is added to generate the full filename so the previous captures are not overwritten. Mutually exclusive with --file-name. (default: stitch) --file-name FILE_NAME The name of the output file. This file will be overwritten. Mutually exclusive with --file-prefix. --adb-args ADB_ARGS Arguments for adb. Use quotes to keep arguments together. Bare flags should have a space. E.g. --round --adb-args " -e"

Capture options: --capture Capture new images to stitch. Contrast with --no- capture. (default) --no-capture Do not capture new images, just try to stitch existing images. Contrast with --capture. --round Set capture type for round displays, framing the stitched image with round borders. Contrast with --square. (default) --square Set capture type for square displays, framing the stitched image with square borders. Contrast with --round --transparency Use alpha transparency for pixels around the corners of the output that the round screen chops off --no-transparency Disable transparency --inter-capture-delay INTER_CAPTURE_DELAY How long to wait between captures, in ms, i.e. to give enought time for the scrollbar to disappear. (default: 1000) --keep-captures Keep the intermediary captured screens. Contrast with --no-keep-captures. --no-keep-captures Discard the intermediary captured screens. Contrast with --keep-captures. (default) --max-captures MAX_CAPTURES The maximum number of screens to capture. (default: 50)

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