Android Snowfall Versions Save

Fully customizable implementation of "Snowfall View" on Android.


3 years ago
  • Remove lazy accessors for fields. They are adding extra overhead in terms of memory and they are way too heavy for one threaded environment complex for Android world.
  • Remove kotlin stdlib methods in onDraw. They are just adding extra allocations while trying to draw on Android canvas.
  • Some code overall clean up.
  • Migrate sample to AndroidX.
  • Update dependencies for Kotlin and plugins.


6 years ago
  • Added ability to stop snowfall without making it disappear.
  • Fixed memory leak related to inner HandlerThread.


7 years ago
  • Fix support Android 4.3 and below (issue with onVisibilityChanged).


7 years ago
  • Changed min API level to 16 (Android 4.1).


7 years ago
  • Fixed crash in case if view has initially visibility GONE.


7 years ago
  • Snowflakes are reset when visibility changed to GONE.
  • Fixed Android Studio Preview rendering issue.


7 years ago
  • Draw optimization.


7 years ago
  • Support different start position on y-axis for snowflakes (attr snowflakesAlreadyFalling).
  • Rename attr snowflakeFadingEnabled to snowflakesFadingEnabled.
  • Fixed animation lags.
  • Fixed API 15 support.


7 years ago
  • Support custom snowflake image (attr snowflakeImage).
  • Support custom snowflake angle (attr snowflakeAngleMax).
  • Support custom snowflake speed (attrs snowflakeSpeedMin, snowflakeSpeedMax).
  • All snowflakes are unique (size, speed, angle, alpha, start position).
  • Calculate size by using gaussian ("normally") distribution.


7 years ago

Initial release.