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Use your Android device to control your desktop.

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Remote Desktop Controller v1.5

Copyright 2010 Justin Taylor This software can be distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

This project was created for Android devices running 2.1 and higher.

The Remote Desktop controller can control the mouse and keyboard of a dekstop computer from an Android device. There are two pieces of software needed for this to run properly. The DesktopRemoteServer which runs on the users desktop machine, and the Touchapp which runs on the user's Android device


What's that? You just want to use the app!?! You don't want to mess with the hassle of eclipse? In that case just download and run it on any desktop that has JRE installed. Then mosy on over and download to your android device.

Remote Desktop Server This project must be imported into the eclipse workspace for the android application to be ran.

Android Remote Client

The Android app that send messages over wifi to the receiving server. The app is divided into three classes.

  1. Touch This view allows the user to adjust the settings of he app. The first setting is the port that the messages are sent over. This must match the port set from the server UI on the DekstopRemoteServer. There is also a setting to control mouse sensitivity.

  2. Controller This view is shown after the settings in touch are accepted. Listners receive user interactions, such as taps, movement and keyboard interactions, and are then translated into messages to be sent over the UDP socket established in the AppDelegate (See section 2.C).

  3. AppDelegate The AppDelegate bridges the gap between the Touch view (2.A) and the Controller view (2.B). The settings from the Touch view are used to create a UDP socket that will send messages from the Controller view to the receiveing DesktopRemoteServer (1). If there is a connection issue this class will close the Controller view and present the touch view displaying and message about the issue.

Known Bugs

  • Key Board Support: Not all Keys on the Android Keyboard are supported. Not entirely sure why. Some keys return the same key code in the onKey method

  • Sever Connection Test: There should be a way to ensure server connectivity before switching to the Controller view. Currently a test message is sent to the server and listens for a message back (similar to a ping request), however the connection takes a couple of tries before connecting.

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