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Gradle + Android Studio + Robolectric + Espresso + JaCoCo

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Android Gradle Kotlin App Template

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Gradle + Android Studio + Robolectric + Espresso + JaCoCo

Technologies used:

Build Tools:

Name Description
Gradle Gradle build system
Android Gradle Build Tools Official Gradle Plugin
Android SDK Official SDK
Android SDK Build Tools Official Build Tools
Android Studio or Official IDE
Intellij Intellij IDE

Android Libraries:

Name Description
Android Support-v4 Support Library API 4+
Android AppCompat-v7 Support Library API 7+

Testing Frameworks:

Name Description
Espresso Instrumentation Framework

Reporting Plugins:

Name Description
JaCoCo JaCoCo Test Coverage
Coveralls Hosts test reports published from TravisCI

Continuous Integration:

Name Description
TravisCI Build Server(Builds, Tests, Publishes reports to Coveralls)

Publishing to Google Play:

Name Description
Gradle-play-publisher Publishes your app to Google Play

Getting Started:

Android Studio or Intellij Support(Simple):

  • Import/Open this project with Android Studio/Intellij(click on build.gradle)

  • Instrumentation Tests:

  • Change the Build Variant Test Artifact to Instrumentation Tests

  • Right click an instrumentation test located in src/main/androidTest and click test

  • Unit Tests:

  • Change the Build Variant Test Artifact to Unit Tests

  • Right click a unit test located in src/main/test and click test

Building and Running

This project builds with Gradle and the Android Build tools.

Build the APK:

$ gradlew assembleDebug

Install the APK:

$ gradlew installDebug

Run the App:

$ gradlew runDebug


Running the Unit Tests:

The Junit tests run on the JVM, no need for emulators or real devices.

$ gradlew testDebug

Run a single unit test in the debug flavor:

$ gradlew testDebug --tests="*MainActivityTest*"

Running the Instrumentation Tests:

The Espresso instrumentation tests run on the device.

$ gradlew connectedDebugAndroidTest


Generate Lint Reports:

The Lint plugin generates reports based off the source code.

$ gradlew lintDebug

Generate Jacoco Test Coverage:

The Jacoco plugin generates coverage reports based off the unit tests.

$ gradlew jacocoDebugReport
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