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Gesture detector framework for multitouch handling on Android, based on Android's ScaleGestureDetector

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Android Gesture Detectors Framework


Since I was amazed Android has a ScaleGestureDetector since API level 8 but (still) no such thing as a RotateGestureDetector I decided to create this class myself. In the process I decided to create a small extendable framework for GestureDetectors in general.


Blog on using gesture detectors

If you want to use the ScaleGestureDetector and/or the gesture detectors from this project, please read my tutorial:

Example application

If you like to just dive into a working example, please check out the example app (GitHub).

Dependencies / Downloads

You can always just download a zip from GitHub and add its contents to your project. But dependency
management might be easier for you using Gradle and Include the following in your project:

build.gradle root

buildscript {       
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }

build.gradle app

dependencies {
    // Note: Change 'v1.0' to whatever release you need or 'master-SNAPSHOT' for a snapshot of 
    // the latest version on the master-branch.
    compile 'com.github.Almeros:android-gesture-detectors:v1.0'

Extending / Contributing

If you want to extend this framework with new gesture detectors please check out the existing classes and read the comments/javadocs.

I hope you'll send a pull request with your FingerTwistGestureDetector or something ;)

If you help maintaining this framework, first of all thank you, and second, please consider also updating the example app (GitHub) to make use of your awesome new functionality/bugfixes!



Helps finding out the rotation angle between the line of two fingers (with the normal or previous finger positions)


Convenience gesture detector to keep it easy moving an object around with one ore more fingers without losing the clean usage of the gesture detector pattern.


Detects a vertical two-finger shove. (If you place two fingers on screen with less than a 20 degree angle between them, this will detact movement on the Y-axis.)

ScaleGestureDetector (default Android)

This one is NOT in this framework, but is gesture detector that resides in the Android API since API level 8 (2.2).

BaseGestureDetector (abstract)

Abstract class that every new gesture detector class should extend.

TwoFingerGestureDetector (abstract)

Abstract class that extends the BaseGestureDetector and that every new gesture detector class for two finger operations should extend.


This project is licensed with the 2-clause BSD license.

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