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Color Picker for Android

Easy to use, fully functional color picker with compact design based on HSV color model. Project consists two main classes which can be easily extended and suited to user requirements.

  • - basic color picker which allows user to pick a single color

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  • - color picker implementation which allows user to pick multiple colors with adjacent hue value

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Color Picker has been implemented as an extension of a View class. This gives a possibility to use it as any other Android component. Following are the most basic usage examples.

In activity

Color Picker can be put in layout xml file just like any other component.

    android:layout_height="wrap_content" />

Example can be found in file.

In dialog

Using Color Picker in dialog requires extending AlertDialog class. Listener interface OnColorSelectedListener is required to return selected color value back to the caller.

    ColorPickerDialog colorPickerDialog = new ColorPickerDialog(this, initialColor, new OnColorSelectedListener() {

        public void onColorSelected(int color) {
            // do action


See for working sample.

In preference

Color Picker can be used also on Preferece Screen. Usage is the same as for any other preferences. You can provide default, initial color value by setting android:defaultValue attribute. Value selected in dialog will be stored under the key provided with android:key attribute.

    android:summary="@string/pref_summary" />

Provided demo implementation extends DialogPreference. See


Code is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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