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Me and others put a lot of work into this project to make the Mobile Twitter site great as a desktop app. I've chosen to deprecate it now, as it's impossible to keep up with the Mobile Twitter ever changing React class names. I don't have time to update a bunch of CSS-selectors every other week. Thanks for all the fish.

Happy to let anyone else take over if interested.


Pristine Twitter app

This app is based the awesome Mobile Twitter site, but modifies a lot of things and makes it more usable on the desktop.


Dark mode

You can toggle dark mode in the Anatine menu or with Cmd Shift D / Ctrl Shift D.

Background behavior

When closing the window, the app will continue running in the background, in the dock on macOS and the tray on Linux/Windows. Right-click the dock/tray icon and choose Quit to completely quit the app. On macOS, click the dock icon to show the window. On Linux, right-click the tray icon and choose Toggle to toggle the window. On Windows, click the tray icon to toggle the window.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • New tweet: n
  • New DM: m
  • Send tweet/DM: Cmd Enter or Ctrl Enter
  • Go to Home: g h or Ctrl 1 or Cmd 1
  • Go to Notifications: g n or Ctrl 2 or Cmd 2
  • Go to Messages: g m or Ctrl 3 or Cmd 3
  • Go to Search: / or Ctrl 4 or Cmd 4
  • Go to Profile: g p or Ctrl 5 or Cmd 5
  • Go to Likes: g l
  • Go to Lists: g i
  • Go to previous page: Delete or Backspace
  • Next tab: Ctrl Tab
  • Previous tab: Ctrl Shift Tab
  • Go to next tweet: j
  • Go to previous tweet: k
  • Go to next photo:
  • Go to previous photo:
  • Page down: Ctrl d
  • Page up: Ctrl u
  • Scroll to top: g g
  • Scroll to bottom: G


macOS 10.9+, Windows 7+ & Linux are supported.


Homebrew Cask

$ brew update && brew cask install anatine


Download, unzip, and move to the /Applications directory.


Download and unzip to some location.

To add a shortcut to the app, create a file in ~/.local/share/applications called anatine.desktop with the following contents:

[Desktop Entry]

Snap package

$ sudo snap install anatine



Download and unzip to some location.


Built with Electron.

  • Init: $ npm install
  • Run: $ npm start
  • Build macOS: $ npm run build:macos
  • Build Linux: $ npm run build:linux
  • Build Windows: $ npm run build:windows
  • Build all: $ brew install wine and $ npm run build (macOS only)

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