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:scroll::information_source: Organizing space for the Anarcho-Tech NYC collective.

Project README

Anarcho-Tech NYC Collective / Tech Antifa

Shared assets for various Anarcho-Tech NYC projects live here. This is also the container for numerous projects intended to support the collective's longer-term goals. For example, our Train the Trainers project is a collection of workshops and practice labs intended to support the educational efforts of digital security trainers and their students.

The easiest way to obtain the materials herein is to download the latest copy of our work as a ZIP archive. Once downloaded, unzip the file, which can usually be accomplished simply by double-clicking on it. Once you have the files saved on your computer, you can navigate through the folders to find the project or workshop that interests you.

Repository structure

This repository is (generally) organized in the following way:

  • <project name>/ folder for a given meta-organizing project.
    • file describing the project goals, details, specific structure (if deviating from this general structure).
    • <subproject name>/ folder housing files related to a particular subproject.
      • file describing the subproject itself.

Some projects are included as Git submodules, so use git clone --recursive when cloning if you'd like to obtain the entire collection.


You may encounter the following icons throughout these texts:

  • :beginner: (:beginner:) is used to introduce a reader to concepts they may not already know.
  • :black_flag: (:black_flag:) is used to explicitly mark a political position, or to introduce a note with explicitly political implications.
  • :book: (:book:) is used to introduce an aside about a particularly academic, rather than practical, concept, or when providing a narrative distinct from the primary text's narrative.
  • :bulb: (:bulb:) is used to introduce a tip or note about an advanced feature or idea.
  • :cinema: (:cinema:) is used to introduce an aside about the product or production of media.
  • :computer: (:computer:) is used to introduce an aside about computer technology only indirectly relevant to the task at hand.
  • :construction: (:construction:) is used to explicitly mark a section as incomplete, that is, one whose editors do not intend it to be the final or "published" product of their work.
  • :globe_with_meridians: (:globe_with_meridians:) is used to explicitly mark links that go to unaffiliated, remote destinations.
  • :memo: (:memo:) is used to indicate that the following text is intended as a note to fellow editors, rather than intended to be read as part of the normal flow of text by a consumer.
  • :mortar_board: (:mortar_board:) is used to highlight and recommend particularly valuable educational resources or opportunities.
  • :warning: (:warning:) is used to highlight a risky or dangerous activity.

These icons are sometimes used in combination for added meaning. For instance, :beginner::warning: is a "warning for beginners."

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