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ඞ Among-us themed OS. As seen on Reddit and Youtube.

Project README


A parody OS inspired by Among Us ඞ. (pronounced A-mog-O-S)

General Info

This was mostly inspired by this reddit post. AmogOS is a meme OS based on the hit game Among Us, in the same vein as Hannah Montana Linux, but it's also developed and made to be a lightweight operating system. AmogOS is also less bloated than some other distros (cough cough Ubuntu). Chad AmogOS vs bloated mainstream distro, as youtuber TechHut put it. Don't take this too seriously :p

⚠️ The AmogOS Project has been shut down ⚠️

This project was initially started as a joke in May 2021. Since then, it's been a incredible journey, meeting so many people and getting recognized by prominent individuals in the Linux space. Everything comes to an end, and as both Among Us and AmogOS have progressed far past their height, it's time we started looking forward. Who knows, maybe someday someone will be inspired by AmogOS to make a "SaulGoodmanOS" or a "FallGuys Distro". Either way, everyone who's been along for this journey will be there to have a laugh or two. The OS will still be available for download, for those in the future that discover it. The discord is also still suprisingly active, so hop in if you need support or want to chat.

  • Nooz, Lead Dev



Grab install instructions and the download links here on our website:

  • (please note that by downloading AmogOS, you have an increased chance of being infected with the sussy amogus and AMOGID-69 virus. Please refer to here for treatment methods).


  • We are not responsible for ANY KIND OF DATA LOSS or any kind of problem not relating to AmogOS, USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  • AmogOS was never intended to be a replacement for mainstream distributions; it's merely a joke and a sussy OS.
  • For x64 users: It takes like a whole 69420 secs to load the UI from usb boot so be patient!

Testing ඞmogOS

  • You can test out AmogOS online without downloading it on DistroTest: (The OS will seem slow because of network latency, it runs very sus when installed).


  • Our only official website is, designed by our web developer Fengzi (he's too sus to keep his full name here).


  • Now stocking very sus stickers, shirts and other sussy stuff. All proceeds will be used to feed our developers and hire artists:



  • Incredibly sussy
  • Custom wallpapers and start menu icon that can be found in ~/Pictures/.amogOS/. (or download them here)
  • Grey color palette to match Among Us tablet ?
  • Custom neofetch logo
  • FOSS Minecraft (It's recommended you use the included "gMCPIL" launcher to launch the game)
  • Uses Openbox WM and LXDE, allowing you to switch to 2 desktop spaces with the scroll wheel, similar to macOS
  • among-sus, an open-source among us alternative playable in terminal (use "among-sus-server" to host a localhost server and among-sus to connect to a server hosted on the current device, or nc <ip on your LAN network> to join a game on your network)
  • Pi-Apps x86 for the x64 build
  • -69% compliance with the SUS specification

RPI only features, not present on x86_64 build

  • 64-bit kernel enabled by default for speed, as well as to enable Wine support on devices earlier than the Raspberry Pi 4.
  • Preinstalled CommanderPi, Pi Power Tools, pi-apps, Colour Emoji Font, and Stacer.
  • Wine + Box86 preinstalled for x86 windows syscall translation.
  • piKiss and Pi-Apps preinstalled so you can install some games and also A M O N G U S. (Among Us will run at ~5 fps on multiplayer play. It runs rather poorly, but for a game never intended to run on a CPU the size of a fingertip with 2 layers of syscall translation (x86 windows -> x86 linux -> arm linux), it's decent. A small resolution is needed for the game to run without poor framerates).

Sussy Notes

  • (RPI version only) Default username is "pi" and the password is "raspberry".
  • (x86 version only) Default username is "amogos" and the password is "amogos".
  • AmogOS is not a custom OS, it's just riced RPi OS/Debian Bullseye for RPI and x64 versions respectively. It doesn't have any custom written source code. You can mount the squashfs .sb file and look at the rootfs yourself


  • Moon1789#5876, Founder, co-creator, UI lead and man in the shadows.
  • Nooz#0816, Co-creator and main developer
  • peekatchoo#0001, the graphical designer who made this possible in the first place. (no longer helping us, but absolute chad)
  • ! !-Linkley steals your kinky#4642, for seeding the initial torrents.
  • JoJo Autoboy#1931 for creating Jostro OS, where AmogOS was created.
  • 疯子鸭#5218 (Pronounced "Fengzi") for making the website.
  • sUs !1!1!

Software credits

ඞAmogOSඞ would not be possible without the following open source software:

  • Debian Bullseye, AntiX Project, and Raspberry Pi OS
  • Openbox WM
  • LXDE for DE
  • xcompmgr for effects
  • Lightpad for the macOS launchpad clone
  • xfce4-panel for the dock and the panel
  • Whisker for the start menu
  • Arc-Grey-Darker theme
  • Papirus icon theme
  • for the x64 GRUB theme
  • our x64 build packager
  • PiSafe and PiShrink for packaging the RPI builds

And to Innersloth, for making the best game in the world.


Feel free to donate to our OpenCollective, all proceeds will be used to help pay developers and theme artists. (we are literally 2 broke teenagers slaving away at this pls donate or you will become ඞsusඞ)

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