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A Mac tool that finds available delivery slots for Amazon's Whole Foods delivery and Amazon Fresh services

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Amazon Fresh/Whole Foods Delivery Slot Finder

A Mac-only tool that finds available delivery slots for's Whole Foods delivery and Amazon Fresh services.

New Features

  • New interface - added 4/6/20

    • Improve user experiecnce to accompany new features
  • Text message notifications - added 4/6/20

    • You can now get text messages when a slot is found. Added by popular demand, despite limitated utility: If you set the recipient to the same number linked to your Mac's 'Messages' app, you may not be notified on your phone as the texts may be automatically marked as read. Thus it's recommended that you enter a different phone number from the one linked to your 'Messages' app (e.g your google voice number that forwards to your real number, a family member's number, your work cell-phone)
  • Automatically handle unknown pages - added 4/6/20

    • sometimes redirects the URL of the delivery slot page to the Amazon homepage, and previously the tool would require a manual restart. Now it automatically navigates back the delivery slot page whenever an unknown page is encountered. One step closer to this program running without needing any monitoring/intervention
  • Auto-ignore out of stock items - added 3/31/20

    • displays notices when items in your cart go out of stock. Now the tool can automatically ignore these warnings so it keep looking for slots without your intervention.

DISCLAIMER about "disappearing" slots

No guarantee that slots will be found and/or that slots will work. Often you will select a slot but the page will refresh and the slot will disappear. These phantom slots are very common and are unfortunately in Amazon's control, not mine. Eventually a slot should work. Some users report success of after 20+ tries. Wishing you resilience and hope! Feel free to post concerns in the Issues section.


  1. Read the Compatibility section below to make sure the tool will work for you
  2. Download the 'delivery-window-finder.scpt' here
  3. Enable "Allow JavaScript from Apple Events". How-to video
  4. Log into your Amazon account in Safari
  5. Fill your Whole Foods/Amazon Fresh cart with your complete order and proceed through the checkout process manually. Stop once you've arrived at the page saying no slots are available
  6. Open delivery-window-finder.scpt in Script Editor and click the 'Play' button to run it and follow the prompts run button
  7. Turn up the volume to hear the notification when a slot is found
  8. Once you receive your order, please consider tipping if you can. They are exposing themselves to risk to protect us. Thanks!

Notes: The script will stop running if your computer falls asleep. You can adjust your 'Energy Saver' settings in System Preferences or download Caffeine app to keep your Mac awake.


Currently not compatible with Whole Foods orders from Currently only compatible with Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods orders from Prime Now compatibility may be added eventually. Check here for any progress.

Before using this tool, ensure that your checkout page looks exactly like the examples in the Compatible section below. This tool currently only works for some regions because Amazon's checkout pages seem to vary based on your location and I designed the tool based on the page I see in my region. If your checkout page doesn't look like the examples in the Compatible or Incompatible sections below, this tool may still work for you but no guarantees.


These are sample screenshots for delivery to a New Jersey address

Whole Foods

Whole Foods

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh


Amazon Fresh


Santa Clara, CA


an unkown city in CA

How it works

  • It opens the checkout page in a new window, minimizes it, and then refreshes every ~60 seconds in the background.
  • Once it finds an open slot it alerts you by putting a notification on your screen and playing a sound, and opening the checkout page. You can choose to receive text messages when a slot is found
  • You can choose to have the tool ignore out of stock notifications and continue searching uninterrupted
  • Once you're notified, quickly select a slot and finish checking out because available slots are snagged almost instantly.

Inspiration for this tool

The Coronavirus 2019 pandemic caused a surge in demand for grocery delivery services, making it nearly impossible to find an open delivery slot. My intention in providing this tool is first and foremost help those in need (e.g. at-risk people, health care workers) have an easier time staying safe. The idea came to me when I realized my parents, who both have auto-immune diseases, had been trying unsuccesfully for several days to get grocery delivery slots.

Supporting me/Donations

Thank you so much for wanting to support me! I don't want anything in return for this tool - I'm just happy to be hearing all the stories about how this has helped people, especially those in need. That said, a few people have wanted to donate. Please consider donating to GiveDirectly which directly pays affected families, or one of the many other charities addressing COVID-19. If you'd like to support me directly: I am graduating from Georgetown Undergrad Business School in May and looking for a job opportunities so any introductions or leads would be greatly appreciated. Broadly speaking, I’m interested in the intersection of business/tech, including product management, operations, and business/data analytics. My resume

Common Issues

  • "Safari got an error: can't get window id" Solution: Don't quit Safari, or close the window opened and minimized by the script. See here for more help.

A copy of the code is also available in .txt format. However, this copy might not be the most up to date version. The .scpt file is the most current and the one you should download if you want to run this tool.


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