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Amazon ECS CNI Plugins is a collection of Container Network Interface(CNI) Plugins used by the Amazon ECS Agent to configure network namespace of containers with Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs)

For more information about Amazon ECS, see the Amazon ECS Developer Guide.

For more information about Plugins in this project, see the individual READMEs.


  • ECS ENI Plugin: configures the network namespace of the container with an ENI device
  • ECS Bridge Plugin: configures the network namespace of the container to be able to communicate with the credentials endpoint of the ECS Agent
  • ECS IPAM Plugin: allocates an IP address and constructs Gateway and Route structures used by the ECS Bridge plugin to configure the bridge and veth pair in the container network namespace

Security disclosures

If you think you’ve found a potential security issue, please do not post it in the Issues. Instead, please follow the instructions here or email AWS security directly.

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