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This is the AlphaConsole UI. Originally written in but now moved to Electron where we can get a more custom UI. This project contains only the electron code and not the DLL code that does the actual magic.

Initial setup

Installing the dependencies. Navigate to the root of the project using a terminal (GitBash).

npm install

Run the app

Running a simple dev version of the app. Navigate to the root of the project using a terminal (GitBash).

npm run test

Preferably open a second cmd window and navigate to the root of the project again but run

npm run watch

Now everytime you modify the any scss files it will auto compile the files and you can refresh the app once the terminal says the changes are complete.

Build an .exe

To build a release version, you should first ensure you have Inno Setup Compiler installed on your PC. You can install it from here

Run the following to create the required files for Inno Setup Compiler

npm run pack

Open ACBuild.iss in Inno Setup Compiler and Choose Build > Compile. This will compile an exe named AlphaConsole_Setup_version.exe such as AlphaConsole_Setup_9.12.0.0.exe (the extra .0 is important).

You should now create a latest.yml file. You will create this in the following format:

version: 9.12.0
releaseDate: '2019-10-02T14:21:04.217Z'
path: AlphaConsole_Setup_9.12.0.0.exe
sha512: >-
sha2: 9657f86c1ddc34eb931da869b033cd1823900f77cadda28fdd840917806742cd
githubArtifactName: AlphaConsole_Setup_9.12.0.0.exe

To get the sha512 and sha2 you can upload the exe to here and note SHA-512 and SHA-256 respectively. Ensure to update the path and githubArtifaceName in the latest.yml also.

Create the GitHub release, and then upload both the latest.yml and the .exe for the setup. Ensure to set the release body to the changelog. Distribute the setup executable internally first to ensure no glaring errors appear with the setup. Then publish the release.

Compile Styles

If you make any changes to the styles you will need to run

grunt sass

This will auto build all the style files, make sure the gruntfile is pointing to the correct files you want to compile & if you have any issues make sure you have Ruby installed on your PC.

To install sass on your computer globally then follow the steps here  ·  Twitter @alphaconsole

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