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Reimplementation of the task generation part from the Alpaca paper

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Alpaca Libre

🦙🗽 Small research project - how much it would cost to create Alpaca-like dataset, with 50k+ demonstrations, using slightly different approach. All data byproducts are CC0/MIT-licensed.

🔥 The project also contains 100k+ MIT-licensed demonstrations from Anthropics HH-RLHF repo - converted into "Alpaca compatible format".

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🚫 Remember that releasing a model based on data you generated via model API might violate the Terms of Service of the model API provider.

BTW: This repo shows how easy it is to fine-tune (PEFT=LORA) Flan-T5-* model with Alpaca-like dataset.

alpaca on the Altiplano grasslands with the Statue of Liberty in the background


  1. Clone the repo: git clone && cd alpaca-libre
  2. Install required python modules: pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. View / edit
  4. Set API_KEY: export OPENAI_KEY=...
  5. Run the script: python3


  • data/seed_tasks.jsonl - is from the Self-Instruct paper
  • data/alpaca_libre_prompt_v1.txt - is from the Alpaca paper (with slight modfification)


Files in the data/output directory are in the same format as original Alpaca dataset.

Files in the data/output/work directory are in the .jsonl format and:

  • contain one task (JSON object) per line,

  • contain also tasks that failed quality checks (status!='ok')

    • these tasks might be marked as 'ok' after manual inspection
  • each task object has the following items:

    • status - anything other than 'ok' is bad

    • instruction - instruction part of the prompt

    • input - input part of the prompt

    • output - expected output

    • other - dictionary for other information (similarity, etc)


GitHub repos:



  • 0.4.2
    • MIT-licensed demonstrations from Anthropics HH-RLHF repo
      • 104k human preferred responses from the train datasets:
        • 41k harmless
        • 42k helpful
        • 21k helpful-online
  • 0.4.1
    • v4 dataset converted into the same format as original Alpaca
    • jsonl dataset moved into work dir
  • 0.4
    • grouping turns into rounds
    • basic input quality check
    • better <noinput> handling
    • <nooutput> handling
    • retry with backoff on API error
    • progressbars
    • fixed: typos in Alpaca prompt
    • fixed: whitespace handling after task number
  • 0.3
    • parallel main loop
    • better cli output
    • output format change (everythig not essential is placed in the "other" object)
    • basic output quality check
    • fixed: multiline input/output handling
    • fixed: no initial space / empty section handling
    • fixed: <noinput>
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