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Solutions for Problems of Algorithm Contests and Online Judges

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Solutions for Problems of Algorithm Contests and Online Judges.


Do NOT refer to these solutions before you think over the problems by yourself. It is meaningless and does no good to anyone to blindly follow and even copy other people's solutions.


This is a private repository to maintain and share my own solutions. Do NOT send pull request to this repository unless you are fixing some bugs or submitting similar commits.


This is a public repository for collecting solutions to as many as possible problems. If you have something to share, please send your pull request here.

Here are some basic rules to follow:

  1. Keep the whole hierarchical structure clean and reasonable. Avoid path too deep or single directory with too many files.
  2. Name your solutions in a meaningful and consistent way. For example, $id[.$tag].$lang. No whitespaces. No long and redundant names.
  3. Code in a neat way. Some basic coding conventions should be followed. Only special solutions for fun, e.g. extremely short solutions, may exempt this rule.
  4. Avoid duplicate solutions. There shall be only one solution for each problem (through each approach (in each language)).
  5. Spam (in comment) are not welcomed.
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