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What kind of projects ideas are we talking about?

  • Big enough to put in your resume(++)
  • you will working in a team (minimum 2 people)
  • Solutions to real world problems
  • Will need time and commitment
  • getting user onto your project

How do you come up with a project idea?

  • Find a problem
  • Understand the customer(user)
  • Solve the problem using tech (online-based)
  • Make your customer's life easy ($$$)


  • Copy the below template
  • Create a new .md file in the repo
  • Send a PR
  • Tag me for a review! ✌️

Tip: Check out other projects in the repo before sending a PR


Project Idea: /** Name of project */

Problem Statement: 
- /** Describe Project Idea here in 2-3 points */

- /** List down all important features/sub features */

Success metrics: 
- /** What do you think is target metrics for sucess of this project */

- /** Extra features (beyond MVP) and any extra information to support your ideas */

Make money:  
- /** Can this project make money? List down all possible ways to generate revenue  */

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