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Cash system for AIR.

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What’s AirCash?

AirCash is the first and largest decentralized OTC platform in the galaxy.

Buy and sell crypto with fiat money in a decentralized way.

Why AirCash?

Easy to Use

Buy and sell crypto with fiat money in your wallet.

You don’t need any exchange anymore.

No Identity Verification

No KYC, No accounts, and No personal information anymore.

You can buy and sell anonymously.

Security & Privacy

Traders get in touch through a peer-to-peer messager.

No one knows the details of your trading except yourself.

Decentralization & DAO

All trading takes place on the blockchain.

We have built a DAO for decentralized governance.

How to use AirCash?

Create a Wallet.

Connect Your Wallet to AirCash.

Buy and sell crypto with fiat money in your wallet.

More info here

Official website


AirCash is released under the terms of the MIT license.

See COPYING for more information or see

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