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A password manager that uses AES encryption to securely store and retrieve passwords. The master password is used to derive encryption keys.

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The application is a Java password manager that makes use of Swing for its graphical user interface. With the help of a master password, users may both encrypt and decrypt passwords. AES encryption with CBC mode and PKCS5Padding is used to encode and decrypt the passwords.


Password encryption and decryption: Using a master password, users can encrypt and decode their passwords as needed. File Storage: For future use, encrypted passwords are kept in a file called "encrypted_password.txt". AES Encryption: To provide strong security, the program uses AES encryption with CBC mode and PKCS5 padding. User-Friendly Interface: Users may interact with the decryption capability straightforwardly and naturally thanks to the GUI.

Contributors: Aishwarya Soni, Tanya Gupta, Bhawna Kumari

License: This project is licensed under the None.

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