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An introduction to Active Directory security

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Active Directory Security - 101

This repository contains an introductory class on Active Directory security. The goal is to teach the basics about Active Directory and the relevant authentication protocols as well as finding and exploiting common flaws and misconfigurations.


  • Slides containing the theoretical stuff
  • Lab Setup Guide containing instructions on how to setup a lab. Includes terraform scripts to automatically setup a lab in Microsoft Azure (not mandatory but speeds up the process if you are already familiar with Azure)
  • Exercises to walk through and practice different attack vectors

Where to start?

  1. Go through the Lab Setup Guide to build a lab environment.
  2. Go through the slides. In the slides you will find references to the lab exercises at regular intervals. Go through the corresponding exercise to practice what you've learned until then.
  3. Go on :-) - this is an introductory class. There's a whole lot more craziness to explore in the wonderous world of Active Directory and we haven't event talked about AAD yet.
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