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Tools test whether admixture occurred and more


1 year ago

Version 7.0.2 has important bugfixes to qpfstats.


2 years ago

old qpfstats could behave badly when some samples had very low coverage


2 years ago
  1. Users of ADMIXTOOLS should know that an alternate version in R (native mode -- reimplementation) written by Robert Maier is also available on Github.
    See Executables run fast, and it has features not available in this C version, such as interactive exploration of graph phylogenies

  2. Version 7.0 has numerous upgrades. a) Two new executables --qpfstats qpfmv allow precomputation of f-statistic basis.
    This can greatly reduce computation costs.
    b) qpAdm, qpWave, qpGraph support qpfstats output as input.
    *** This is a much improved way of running with allsnps: YES. *** c) A new experimental feature of qpGraph (halfscore: YES) allows comparison of 2 phylogenies + a (weak) goodness of fit score. Be careful if running with a large nnumber of populations and consider reducing block size say blgsize: .005


2 years ago

Many improvements/bugfixes since earlier release


4 years ago

Some minor bugfixes and an upgrade that Stephan Schiffels asked for


4 years ago


6 years ago

A new parameter "numchrom" is available for rolloff. You can set chromosome number with this parameter.

This is an example: numchrom: 28


6 years ago

This is the first release of the executables of AdmixTools for Linux.