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The place where ads are actually blocked

This is the place where we create filters for AdGuard and other ad blocking software (for instance, uBlock Origin). Every filter represents a set of rules in text format which are used by AdGuard apps and programs to filter advertising and privacy-threatening content (such as banners, pop-ups, trackers etc.). Rules specific for a particular Internet segment (German filter, Russian filter etc.), or serving a specific purpose (Social media filter, Tracking Protection filter etc.) are combined into one list - filter - and can be enabled/disabled all at once.

Our filters are being constantly updated. This repository lets anyone draw our attention to anything from a missed ad to a false positive, thus helping us to modify our filters, make them better and keep up-to-date.

We are proud to say that AdGuard Filters are among the most actively developed content blocking filter lists out there.

AdGuard Filters Policy

Our filter policy is available here.

Contributing to AdGuard

We are blessed to have a community that does not only love AdGuard, but also gives back. A lot of people volunteer in various ways to make other users' experience with AdGuard better, and you can join them! We, on our part, can only be happy to reward the most active members of the community. So, what can you do?

Report Issues

To submit a report, please use this reporting tool.

Suggest Filtering Rules

You will find a lot of open issues, each one referencing a problem with some website — a missed ad, a false positive etc. — choose any one and suggest your own rules in comments. AdGuard filter engineers will review your suggestions, and if they find them correct, your rules will be added to AdGuard filters.

Here is the official documentation on AdGuard filtering rules syntax. You'll need to read it before you'll be able to create your own filtering rules.

Other ways to contribute

Here is a dedicated page for people willing to contribute to AdGuard.

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