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GitHub Actions for Rust language

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Repositories in this organization are GitHub Actions, which can be used to do the full CI circle for Rust projects.


See the @actions-rs/example repository with the live workflows described here.

Quickstart ⚡

Quickstart recipe can be useful if you are not familiar with GitHub Actions, never used CI thingies before or just want to copy-n-paste some scripts into your project for an instant result.

MSRV (Minimal Supported Rust Version) 🔒

MSRV recipe does almost the same what "Quickstart" do, but also helps to guarantee the MSRV policy if you have any.

Nightly clippy and rustfmt 📎

Ever had this problem when your CI build is broken, because today's nightly is missing clippy or rustfmt?
Yeah, I know, everyone hates that.

Nightly lints recipe is utilizing rustup ability to find the most recent nightly toolchain with the components requested; no more broken builds for you!

Stable + beta + nightly + MSRV

Matrix recipe combines three previous recipes together in order to make an ultimate quickstart workflow.

Perform security audit for your dependencies 🛡️

Security Audit recipe is using RustSec advisories database to audit crate for security vulnerabilities.


All recipes in this repository are published with the CC0 license.

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